Sensor 4.0

Embedded contactless fluid sensors

Embedded contactless fluid sensors
KAPFLEX Contact Less Three Sensors
KAPFLEX Contact Less In Mold InLay Sensor Process
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Unlike existing sensors, Kapflex Sensors 4.0 enable a new paradigm in monitoring and tracking fluid assets with sensors that are built-in tanks during their molding.

Indeed, direct integration of sensors in tanks during their manufacturing process makes monitoring ubiquitous and cost effective at large scale.

Kapflex disruptive fluid level, quality, pollution and temperature embedded sensors are contactless, wireless and battery-less. With Kapflex, every tank becomes an IIoT device straight out of the mold.

Therefore, fluid conditions become locally available with a simple smartphone application and remotely accessible in the cloud through industry 4.0 standard IT infrastructure.

Sensor opportunities

Sensor opportunities
KAPFLEX Sustainable Sensor


Involve minimum raw material

Sensor lifetime = tank lifetime

Design for recycling

KAPFLEX Contact-Less IoT Fluid Level Sensor Tanks


Match your tank scalability needs

Based on standard components and processes

Leverage current automated modling processes

KAPFLEX Contact-Less Cost-Effective Fluid Level Sensor

Cost effective

Adapted to your monitoring needs

Tailored to achieve your value/cost objectives

Follow your production ramp

Sensor integration

Sensor integration
KAPFLEX Fluid contactless Sensor


No risk of fluid contamination or pollution

Minimise tank’s certification cost

Simplify tank and sensor cleaning process

KAPFLEX Fluid wireless Sensor


Local data access with smartphone apps

Distance data access with IoT cloud platforms

Always ready, always there

KAPFLEX Fluid batteryless Sensor



Simplify recyclability

Improve sustainability

Sensor features

Sensor features
KAPFLEX Fluid Level Sensor


1% precision

Conductive and non conductive liquids

Automatic calibration with fluid detection

KAPFLEX Fluid Quality Sensor


Factory reference

Evolution monitoring

Counterfeit detection

KAPFLEX Fluid Pollution Continuous Level


Water pollution of fuel

Hydrocarbon pollution of water

Continuous multiphasic levels

Sensor in action

Sensor in action